Gwynvi / Noirue

Gwynvi / Noirue

Freelance Fantasy Illustrator


Hello! I'm Felicity Broadley (otherwise known as Noirue or Gwynvi). I'm an animation student and artist who enjoys working in a variety of media, both digital and traditional. I enjoy character design, fantasy illustrations, pet portraits, life drawing, and character portrait paintings.

If you like my work, please feel free to contact me about commissions.


Contact me any time to discuss commissions or employment, and ask me any questions you may have.

Email: [email protected] OR [email protected]

Commission Prices

$45 + $10 per extra character
Comes with a simple background and lighting effects. A more detailed background can be included for an additional $20.

Gwynvi / Noirue
Gwynvi / Noirue

Bust Shot
$75 + $30 per extra character
Comes with a simple background and lighting effects. A more detailed background can be included for an additional $30.

Gwynvi / Noirue

$150 + $50 per extra character
Comes with a detailed background.

Gwynvi / Noirue

Abstract/Experimental Work
$40-$120 + $20 per extra character
Comes with a semi-detailed background. Price varies on complexity of your idea.

Gwynvi / Noirue
Gwynvi / Noirue

200x200 Icon
$20 each
Comes with a simple background, with no option to upgrade to a more detailed one due to the small canvas size.

Gwynvi / Noirue

I’m open to a large variety of projects which may not be specifically listed here. I’m open for character design in various species, simple sketches of characters, fantasy map designs, tattoo designs, and more. Got something in mind? Feel free to ask!

Commissions are currently closed! When they reopen, please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have.
You are welcome to approach me even when commissions are closed to enquire about prices etc! My DMs are always open.
Please note that I am a university student and my speed will fluctuate depending on where I am in the school year!

Terms of Service

  • You may NOT resell commissions from me with NFTs (non fungible tokens), or through any form of crypto-currency. Payment can only be taken in USD or GBP - never in cryptocurrency. I will never sell any of my works, including commissions, with NFTs.

  • I will not accept NSFW commissions under any circumstances. I will never draw fetish art. Moderate gore is fine. If you have any questions regarding how far I'm willing to take this I'll be happy to discuss it with you.

  • I will not draw fandom/fan art. Commission work must be for official business that you own or a gift for a friend. I will not draw a Pokemon you like, or any official Warrior Cats, etc. Work must be original to avoid any complications regarding copyright laws. Something that exists in the real world that stems from a fandom (such as a Warrior Cat OC, since cats exist and aren't copyrighted) is fine.

  • If you'd like me to work with you for something requiring a specific canvas size (for example, book covers, posters, etc), you can list these specific requirements in your note or email.

  • I will provide work in progress pictures throughout the process of the artwork. You may request that I add, remove, or change anything you like as long as it remains within my boundaries of what I'm willing to draw (in terms of gore or pornographic material).

  • I will be happy to alter the sketch until you are satisfied with it, but past the sketching stage I will be less willing to make big changes. If you continually require large changes past the sketch phase, I may ask for additional payment to cover the time spent on these changes.

  • The final work will have a signature at the bottom of the work. You are not permitted to remove said signature. If for legal or personal purposes you would like me to withhold from posting the artwork until a certain date, you may include that information in your email or note.

  • I must be credited for my work at all times when the work is used regardless of if you use the commission for commercial use or for any other purpose.

I will not accept any price haggling or manipulation of my rules. You automatically agree to these terms when you commission me.

If you have any questions at all regarding any of this (including what I am and am not comfortable with drawing), please feel free to ask.

I can only accept payment via Paypal via USD or GBP (I will never accept cryptocurrency). I will not start on your commission until payment has been fully received.

I would like to request that commissioners keep their contact relevant to the commission - in the past I've had people spam me with unrelated content which takes time away from my work! You're welcome to ask about the state of your commission if it's in my commission queue, but I will let you know personally if I'm expecting a delay of the 1-4 month estimate.